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Stainless steel frames.

In this month’s product focus we explore Dortek’s range of door frames and the benefits of each. Door frames are available in GRP, Stainless Steel (powder coating optional) or Aluminium (anodised or powder coated).

GRP Frames

GRP frames.







The GRP frame offers the utmost level of hygienic performance when combined with a Dortek GRP door. Features such as recessed hinges, contoured profiles and a self coloured finish continue through the fire rated door range. This frame is ideally suited to new build applications where the structural opening is being prepared to agreed dimensions.

These frames are available in three standard depths and fire rated versions incorporate Dortek’s unique patented concealed intumescent detail. The concealed intumescant strip is built into the door during the manufacturing process, which maintains a smooth, seamless profile ensuring that there are no seams or ledges where dirt and germs can gather. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat of a fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.

Stainless Steel Frames

Steel frames.








Stainless Steel frames can be supplied in a ‘plant on’ version or in a two piece version which wraps around the wall and which hides the fixing points so no screws or bolts can be seen, adding to both the visual and hygienic qualities of the door set. Stainless Steel frames offer durability and adaptability which means they can be designed to suit clients’ specific requirements, making them ideal for refurbishment and projects that require reveals to be encapsulated.

These frames can be produced to suit any number of on-site situations and requirements including; powder coating, sloping tops for ease of cleaning, increased frame stop to offer protection to the hinge edge of the door, concealed fixings, adjustable wall depths to virtually any size and non-standard jamb details.

Aluminium Frames

An alternative to the GRP or Stainless Steel frame is a two-piece aluminium wraparound unit. Manufactured from lightweight satin anodised aluminium, it has an extruded profile available in a range of finishes and is simple to install. The aluminium frame system is based on an aluminium profile which has high stability and ensures a seamless finish. Although these frames are not suitable for use with fire doors.

Whatever your requirements Dortek has a frame solution that can be;

  • Integrated into all types of wall construction
  • colour coded
  • complimentary to Dortek GRP or glass doors
  • used in areas requiring high hygiene
  • used in wet areas
  • used in harsh cleaning environments
  • fire rated
  • lead lined
  • used to encapsulate a door reveal
  • made to suit a wall depth.

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