Why Us

Properly planned, made, installed & serviced. Working exactly as intended. Right first time.

For 50 years we’ve specialised in providing door solutions to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, nutritional, health and food companies. We understand the unique and stringent requirements of high hygiene environments. We understand air flows, work flows, contaminants and local regulations. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Dortek is recognised throughout the markets we serve for it’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer care. Our clients trust our specialist expertise to find the right solution for every project and every door and to deliver that solution on time and to budget.

50 Years Experience in high hygienic environments

Dortek offer complete door solutions

Dortek are the EPCM contractor of the door industry. We take responsibility for the overall planning and coordination of projects that are needed to deliver a complete solution. We engineer the door, we procure other doors and we manage the construction of the opening and services around the door. Our project management team have the knowledge and expertise to ensure each step of the building process is completed successfully.

  1. Design & Planning
  2. Specialist Manufacture
  3. Install & Service
  4. Optimal Results Right First Time
  1. 1. Design & Planning

    At Dortek we provide all the services and products that are needed to deliver a complete solution. We take full responsibility for design, manufacture, install and service. But it starts with design.

    Between us, at Dortek our dedicated in-house management team have over 150 years experience in door specification. For each project, we take the initial brief and take the time to properly plan and design the right door solution for each individual project. Our extensive experience ensures that we can plan and design the most complex, bespoke door packages for specialist environments to ensure we get the right product first time.

  2. 2. Manufacture

    At Dortek we invest heavily in manufacturing. Our modern manufacturing techniques ensure that our products are of the highest quality and with 50 years of specialist experience in manufacturing GRP doors, Dortek doors stand apart from the crowd. Our advanced factories in Europe and Asia produce an inherently superior product, a product that’s more hygienic, more intelligent, easier to clean, more durable, with a higher quality finish. Doors that are capable of resisting fire, water, laser and x-ray. Doors that are fire certified in over 50 countries.

    Our commitment to perfection ensures that quality is key at each stage of the door production process. We have the proven ability, resource and innovation in delivering sizable projects to schedule.

  3. 3. Install & Service

    Advanced door solutions require expert install and service personnel. Our team of qualified installers understand the dynamics of high hygiene environments. They have the expertise to perfectly install our complete solutions whether in Brussels or Beijing, Manchester or Melbourne.

    Our team of certified installation engineers have undergone rigorous training and have many years combined experience in maintaining and installing quality doors in a variety of specialist environments. We appreciate the complexity and sensitive nature of doors in specialist environments, and we offer out of hours installation and service to cause minimal interruption to working practices.

Dortek Deliver Door Solutions Across the Globe

Global Presence

For over 50 years we’ve specialised in providing door solutions all over the world.

We have produced and installed more than 200,000 door sets for clients in over 40 countries.

We are the chosen supplier by 18 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, by 5 of the leading global nutritional companies and by 5 of the world’s largest food companies, with offices and engineers based all over the world.


At Dortek innovation is driven by 2 core principles : Doing the Right Thing; Doing things Right.

Doing the right thing means we spend the time to understand our customers’ needs, to select the right things to focus on. Doing things Right means we make sure we engineer solutions the right way, to the right quality level, achieving the certification we need, at the right cost.

Since our foundation, hygiene has always been  at the heart of every innovation we do in Dortek. Our Advanced door solutions can be found in even the most sensitive of hygienic environments around the world including world class cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and milk processing plants and operating theatres.

Through innovation, we have enhanced our reputation as the world leader in hygienic doors.

Over recent years Dortek doorsets have been continuously and successfully fire tested, providing documentary evidence of over 50 valid and current fire certifications, independently verified by approved fire test centres throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, China, Australia and New Zealand including tested to ANSI/UL10-C, BS, EN, PSB, TUV SUD, CSTB, GB12955 (China).