Tough Mudder 2018 – Well Done Dortek Hull!

Tough Mudder 2018 – Well Done Dortek Hull!

A very huge WELL DONE to the Hull Titans who completed the Yorkshire Tough Mudder just a few weeks ago.

They’ve joined together to raise a lot of money for various charities and have exceeded their original target of £1,000 and have managed to raise just over double that!

Thanks again to all those who supported us in not only achieving our target but more than doubling it with a current group total of £2,021.20.


£2,021.20 is donated to support a number of charities chosen by the team…

But this isn’t the end, there’s still time to donate and help us achieve even more. The fund raising page will be open to donations for a few more weeks so it’d be amazing if we could do even more to support our deserving charities.

So for the final (actually final, not like the last ‘final’) time, we ask you to dig deep and show some support.


Cancer Research UK (Carl Fillingham)


Prostate Cancer UK (Chris Whitfield)


Dementia UK (Dan Foster)


Kidney Research UK (Danny Docherty)


Campaign Against Living Miserably (Dave Sharp)


Dove House Hospice (Ian Proctor)


Prostate Cancer UK (Tim Coulson)


Next up for Team Titans is the Hulltimate Challenge in October ( More news to follow…


The Titans


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