Silesia Flavours South East Asia Pte Ltd – Letter of Appreciation

Silesia Flavours South East Asia Pte Ltd – Letter of Appreciation

Silesia Flavours South East Asia Pte Ltd has opened a new production site in Singapore following a 15 months’ long construction period. To stay competitive and to meet the growing potential of the Asian market, the previous company domicile in Singapore consisting of laboratories and offices has been replaced with a brand new production plant and innovation center employing 65 people by now.


Since our successful completion of Hygienic Doors installed at the Silesia Flavours facility plant in Singapore during 2017, Silesia has endorsed Dortek with a Letter of Appreciation…


“Re: Dortek Hygienic Doors

We would like to express our appreciation to the Singapore team of DORTEK HYGIENIC DOOR SYSTEM for their commendable service and the high quality of the Hygienic door solutions delivered to our new manufacturing facility in Singapore.

We worked with DORTEK from the early stage of door selection all the way to the completion of door installations at our facility. During the entire process, DORTEK have demonstrated robust technical proficiency in their bespoke door solutions and project compliance.

We are delighted with the partnership we have with DORTEK and their ability to deliver a high quality product that meets the requirements for our facility.

Lee Chee Vui (Head of Operations)

Silesia Flavours SEA Pte Ltd”

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