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Dortek hygienic doors for pharmaceutical, cleanrooms and research laboratories

As our biggest market sector Dortek has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Constant research and innovation ensure that our doors remain at the cutting edge of cleanroom technology.

Within pharmaceutical applications, cleanrooms and laboratories, the requirements for cleanability and standards of hygiene are extremely high. Dortek’s pharmaceutical doors are the ultimate solution for cleanrooms due to their smooth, seamless, ledge free surfaces. Dortek doors do not harbour bacteria unlike alternative laminate, timber or steel doors.

Our GRP doors have a void free and non porous construction which is designed to meet GMP and GLP requirements. Dortek doors remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals. Our pharmaceutical doors will not swell, rot, rust or warp even after years of usage.

Dortek’s GRP fire rated doors meet over 50 independent tested specifications compliant with worldwide regulations. Our doors are completely heat resistant and designed to withstand areas with high humidity and extreme temperatures. We can supply doors with automations, interlocking and access control systems. Our GRP doors are also easily integrated into most cleanroom wall systems.

Dortek pharmaceutical doors play an essential role in preventing cross-contamination as well as maintaining correct room pressures, air circulation rates and ensuring optimum operating efficiency.

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Dortek supply 18 of the worlds top 20 pharmaceutical companies

Dortek have a good understanding of what’s required for a job. They provide advice and solutions and their reps are all very technically competent. Design and Build Contractor
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