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Dortek's Healthcare Sector Experience

Hospital doors are used by everyone throughout the hospital, this is why they can be a major source of cross contamination and infection if incorrectly specified.

Dortek understand hygienic environments. As hygiene standards rise in hospitals around the world, Dortek continue to develop new products with patient safety and infection control in mind.

Today’s hospitals and medical centres have to comply with strict legislation and endure heavy usage with the minimum of maintenance. Dortek’s comprehensive range of healthcare doors for A&E, operating theatres, intensive care units, patient wards and X-ray rooms can be specified with confidence.

Our hospital doors are specially suited to the cleaning regimes needed to prevent the spread of infection. The smooth and seamless construction of our doors means that bacteria cannot build up on ledges or voids. Our range of hermetically sealing hospital doors provide the necessary control for areas such as operating theatres and isolation rooms where clean air is crucial.

Dortek’s healthcare doors play an essential role in preventing cross-contamination as well as providing fire and x-ray protection, maintaining correct room pressures and ensuring optimum operating efficiency.

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Dortek completed over 150 Hospital projects in the UK
last year

While working on Healthcare projects, we realized the importance of specifying these high-quality doors across sterile areas. Dortek has a strong understanding of its clients’ needs and a huge amount of experience and commitment to achieving excellence. Healthcare Division Director, World leading Architects