St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba (SVPHT) is located in Toowoomba in Queensland in Australia and provide medical, surgical, maternity, paediatric, emergency and intensive care services to patients in the region.


The hospital in Toowoomba, Australia required doors there were lead lined, hermetically sealing sliding door for their New Hybrid OT project.


St. Vincent's newest Hybrid Operating Theatre required sliding doors that were able to meet a number of criteria including strict air tightness, lead lining for x-ray and high hygienic standards. Dortek were able to provide their GRP sliding door with hermetically sealing that gives excellent regulation of the air pressure differentials while also giving lead lining protection. The doors were also automated with touchless sensor and safety senor operation. The doors also had integrated lead lined hit and miss blinds flush with the door blade.