St. John’s Island Marine Science Institute, Singapore

St. John’s Island Marine Science Institute, Singapore

The marine lab at St. John’s Island is managed by the National University of Singapore (NUS). The marine laboratory first opened on 3 October 2002 as a research facility of the Tropical Marine Science Institute. The Institute As an NRI, aims to enhance the quality of national marine science research by facilitating multi-disciplinary research interactions through provisions of quality access to research expertise, facilities and specialist training support.


The Institute required hygienic door solutions and automation systems to be installed throughout the facility.


The institute has specialist laboratories for marine biology and biotechnology research so it was crucial the doors meet biosafety standards. Dortek supplied hinged and sliding GRP doors in Stainless Steel frames, some with 60 minutes fire ratings. Dortek hygienic doors are ultra clean, waterproof, non porous and do not harbour bacteria, making them ideal for research laboratories.