Royal Victoria Hospital

Royal Victoria Hospital

The RVH critical care unit is a centre of excellence and the first one of its kind in the UK. The 12 storey building cost £143.5 million and includes an emergency department, roof helipad, operating theatres and a critical care centre.


The project brief was very technical, critical care and isolation areas needed to maintain a pressure differential of 50 pascals. Walls and doors needed to be flush glazed glass with blinds to maintain patient privacy but also so staff had full vision of patients.The layout was inspired by the Griffin Hospital in Derby, Connecticut, USA. The critical care unit has visitors / relative’s accommodation around the perimeter, separated from clinical areas and the critical care beds by glazed screens with internal blinds. This allows family to be close to their relatives whilst minimising disruption to the wards and minimising the risk of infection.


Dortek supplied MF5 hermetically sealing glazed doors for critical care in patient isolation units. Doors were automated with interlocking to maintain air control and prevent the spread of infection.