Ramada Hotel & Ramada Encore

Ramada Hotel & Ramada Encore

Meridin@Medini brings together the perfect blend of ‘Live, Work, Relax and Rejuvenate’ with its generous offerings of luxury condominium and hotel suites, versatile office spaces, as well as an exciting array of retail shops towers that soar towards the sky.


The Ramada Hotel and Ramada Encore at Meridin@Medini needed a product that would help maintain hygiene within the kitchen environment and allow access between the kitchens to be efficient. The Dortek Hygienic GRP doors were the ideal type of product for this need.


The Dortek Hygienic GRP door has a smooth and seamless construction which makes it water and steam resistant. The design of the door was presented to the architect when he was initially sourcing for such a product with a water and steam resistant performance as well as better space management qualities. The architect was impressed by the idea of having sliding doors as they require less valuable space than hinged doors; these doors were in fact helpful when it came to the layout planning of the kitchen machinery and equipment. Automation was also considered for a better operational efficiency to cater for the two busy kitchens within Meridin@Medini.