NIG Nutritionals

NIG Nutritionals

NIG Nutritionals, in New Zealand produce customised high-quality infant formulas as well as other healthy dairy-based nutritional formulas. All facilities in the site comply with international hygiene standards and specifications for the manufacture of dairy-based formulae for infants and young children.


NIG required hygienic food grade doors that were fully encapsulated with no organic materials within the door blade in keeping with the standards for infant formula manufacturing. The doors needed to be flush, smooth, easy to clean while also being water resistant as some of the doors were located externally on the drying tower. The doors also required compliance with New Zealand fire standards to (NZS 4520:2010).


Dortek supplied our ranges of Fire and Non Fire Rated Hinged and Sliding Doors throughout the plant in the dryer, packaging and red line areas. The smooth & non organic GRP doors are ideal for wash and corrosion resistance in the production of infant formula to high hygienic manufacturing standards.