International Maritime Hospital (GPHA)

International Maritime Hospital (GPHA)

The Twenty-Three (23) million dollar International Maritime Hospital, which was built by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and completed in 2016. The ultra-modern hospital facility can boast of specialized services and a helipad, which can receive patients flown in for treatment.


The International Maritime Hospital (GPHA) in Africa required a mix of hygienic doors to be installed in a critical surgery area of their hospital renovation.

Some of the services that are to be run by the hospital include, MRI, neurology, surgical cases, trauma, gynaecology, obstetrics, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) cases, dialysis, as well as the production of oxygen in commercial quantities among other health related services which require specialists’ attention.


Dortek's hygienic GRP doors were chosen for the The International Maritime Hospital (GPHA) in Africa over competing steel doors. Steel doors are unsuitable for hygienic areas due to large seams, voids and crevices which made them hard to clean and become perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. With the ultra hygienic construction of our GRP doors we can boast a smooth and seamless surface with a closed cell non organic core that does not harbour bacteria.