IKEA (Bang Yai)

IKEA (Bang Yai)

IKEA are the world’s biggest furniture retailer and their new store is located in Bang Yai, Thailand. It had opened its doors in March 2018 and has 50,278m2 of retail space as well as more than 8,000 items on display over 41 different showrooms, and will employ over 450 people.


Dortek has recently completed work on the largest IKEA store in South East Asia and the 5th largest IKEA store in the world. The IKEA store is the second store to be opened in Thailand and had taken 21 months to build.

Dortek manufactured and installed 40 hygienic GRP door sets including single and double action doors, all with GRP frames. Our GRP doors, installed in conjunction with our partners in Thailand QWERTY Limited, are located in the brand new state of the art kitchen and restaurant areas.

Dortek GRP doors were specified by the architect for this project after they had seen the benefits of our doors in the two most recent stores built in Malaysia at Cheras and Johor Bahru. They recognised the high quality of the doors and the hygienic benefits they offer as well as the pleasing aesthetics and the low long term maintenance costs.


All of our GRP doors and frames were manufactured in the clients chosen colour, Super White, with all single action doors fitted with either lever handles and sash locks or latches and pull handles with dead locks. Some doors are also fitted with electro-magnetic locks to enable the client to link them up to Security Access systems such as card swipes or code locks.

The majority of GRP door sets are fitted with clear double glazed laminated safety glass vision panels and all door blades have been fitted with 500 mm high stainless steel kick plate protection to both sides of the door blades.

Dortek GRP doors were chosen for these particular areas which require high standards of hygiene over steel or timber laminate doors because they will not swell, rot, warp or rust in wet conditions. Their ultra clean construction prevents bacteria from harbouring and they are not affected by the use of cleaning materials. Dortek GRP doors are a high quality low maintenance solution which helps reduce both costs and improve performance long term.

Bang Yai is the third IKEA project that Dortek has worked on in Asia and we are very happy to confirm that we have received the order to supply GRP doors to the new IKEA store that will open in Penang, Malaysia in 2019.

Dortek have installed GRP double action traffic doors into every IKEA store throughout the UK and Ireland and also in IKEA stores in Melbourne and Canberra, Australia.