Great Ormond Street Hospital – HSDU

Great Ormond Street Hospital – HSDU

The hospital sterilising and disinfection unit (HSDU) specialises in the cleaning, decontamination and sterilisation of surgical equipment. The unit is essential for ensuring that every patient, who is having a procedure, does so with RIMD’s that have been decontaminated to the appropriate standard.


The HSDU at Great Ormand Street Hospital required hygienic, timber free, durable door systems.


Dortek manufactured and installed hygienic hinged and sliding doors within the HSDU. The hygienic, waterproof and durable qualities of our doors mean they are ideally suited for these sterilisation units. Dortek hygienic doors are constructed from GRP not timber which means they are not easily damaged and do not warp, rot or rust, this makes them ideal in areas with humidity or moisture. Automations and safety sensors were also supplied with the doors for safe and convenient access.