Great Ormand Street Hospital

Great Ormand Street Hospital

The children’s hospital is the largest centre for child heart surgery in the UK and one of the largest centres for heart transplantation in the world. The hospital is constructing a new building which will contain an Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance suite as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities. The suite will enable surgical teams to check whether complex procedures have worked, before patients wake up.


The hospital required specialist hygienic door solutions for the new IMRI suite.


Dortek supplied our specialist hybrid doors which are hygienic, lead lined, fire rated, automated and hermetically sealing. Our doors are specifically constructed for high hygiene areas and are completely free from timber or other organic materials which can harbour bacteria. The doors play an essential role in preventing cross contamination as well as providing certified fire and x-ray protection and ensuring safe and efficient access for patients and staff.