Janssen Biologics, Leiden

Janssen Biologics, Leiden

Janssen Biologics (a Johnson & Johnson affiliate) first major expansion for its biologic drug Remicade. The drug is used to treat autoimmune diseases. This $240 million project consisted of 150,000 SF of manufacturing, research laboratories, and office space. With over 950 employees Janssen Biologics has a leading position in the world of biotechnology. Janssen Biologics produces medicines through extremely clean production methods delivering special medicaments, with a global application.


As part of an expansion the biotechnology firm required hygienic door solutions for its laboratory areas.


Dortek supplied fire rated single action doors across laboratories. Dortek doors are designed to meet cGMP requirements and have a seamless gel coat finish which is non absorbent and easy to clean. These doors are high performance and low maintenance making them ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.