Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

  • Hygieniglass Sliding Doors

    • Dortek glass sliding doors are available in custom sizes and a range of finish options.
    • No floor track required.
    • The door panel is available with a range of glazing options including integrated venetian blinds or LCD switchable glass.
    • Easy to clean surface, maximises visibility and the transference of light.
    • Single or double (bi-parting) door options.
    • Available with a telescopic design or break-out function.
    • Glass sliding doors require much less valuable space than hinged doors and when operated produce far less air disturbance as they slice through the air.
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  • Hermetically Sealing Glass Sliding Doors

    • Dortek hermetic sealing sliding doors are specified in areas where control of air leakage is critical.
    • They use a unique rail system which allows the door to seal against the floor and wall at the very end of the closing cycle giving reliable performance and minimum wear to the door seals.
    • Air leakage has been tested independently and results up to 400 Pa pressure differential are available upon request.
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  • Hygieniglass Glass Hinged Doors

    • Dortek glass hinged doors are designed for busy laboratory and cleanroom environments which require both high hygiene and maximum visibility.
    • The full visibility offered by a glass door makes it possible to supervise the operation of a cleanroom without entering it and risking contamination.
    • The door blade is a strong 10mm thick hard glass panel with complimentary stainless steel hardware.
    • The flat door panel has no raised edges making it easy to keep clean and preventing the growth of bacteria.
    • Doors can be automated and are manufactured to suit most dimensions.
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