Food Industry and Logistics

  • Sectiolite Sectional Doors

    • The Sectiolite door has the a opening technology of a sectional door with the product and material related benefits of fibreglass
    • Energy savings – Light transmission up to 78% for bright working areas and less need for artificial light during the day
    • Three colours of choice: Brilliant, Emerald-Green or Sapphire-Blue
    • Optional vision panels made in double or triple glazing
    • Upon opening, the door sections are deflected and guided along the ceiling into the interior of the building
    • Opening speed up to 100 cm/s
    • Electric drive with an extremely resistant and enduring gear motor
    • Direct drive without additional wear-and-tear-sensitive parts
    • Micro processor control for trouble-free and comfortable operation
    • Passive safety: No protruding hinges or reinforcements, no suspending cables or wires, no trapping and shearing edges
    • Anti-jamming protection: All stacking doors are equipped with a safety edge. After contact with an obstacle the door stops and re-opens automatically and instantly.
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