Dortek Successfully Passes UL10C Fire Test for 60 Minutes

A group of workers in a workshop.

Dortek is pleased to announce that our doors have met the requirements of the UL10c test for a 60-minute fire-resistance rating with the hose stream test.

A large pair of Dortek doors measuring 48” wide x 96” high were tested in a Stainless-Steel frame in a flexible dry wall construction.

The doors are first subjected to endurance testing where they are exposed to extreme heat exceeding 1700°F (927°C) for 60 minutes. After the fire endurance test, the doorset is then subjected to the hose stream test, where a fire hose delivers water at a pressure of 30PSI from 20 feet away.

The test was carried out under the supervision of INTERTEK auditors allowing us to achieve the UL10C standard and the Intertek & Warnock Hersey Mark for product safety & performance standards.


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