Hygienic Doors for The Retail Sector

Hygienic Doors for The Retail Sector

Dortek doors have been used extensively throughout major retail chains and supermarkets across the world, as they are required to be extremely high in hygiene. A few of those being:

  • Harrods
  • Aldi
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Dunelm
  • The Range

What are the main characteristics of our Hygienic Retail Doors?

  • Robust Design ā€“ a durable, hardwearing construction which is built to last in high traffic retail applications
  • Hygienic ā€“ smooth, easy to clean, non-porous gelcoat finish which does not harbor bacteria and is resistant to water and cleaning chemicals
  • Easy to Operate ā€“ lightweight, 180-degree swing hinge system which is user friendly
  • Automatic Self Closing ā€“ retail doors will automatically close behind the person using them
  • Cost Effective ā€“ helps reduce building energy costs by keeping temperature-controlled zones isolated
  • Efficient ā€“ helps improve traffic flow and enable people, forklifts and trolleys to move around buildings quickly
  • Reduces Contamination/Noise ā€“ separates areas to help reduce contamination, dust, fumes and noise pollution
  • Pest Control ā€“ helps prevent access for pests or birds.

dortek retail door

We have retail doors that are designed and constructed to match industry leading standards. They comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene, and safety standards. We have a team dedicated to retail who combine their years of experience and traditional artistry with efficient production techniques. This ensures that all projects, even those which are large or fast-track, are handled in the most effective way possible.

Our retail doors are specifically designed for supermarkets, retail outlets, food preparation areas, bakeries, distribution, and warehousing.Ā  We have worked with a range of supermarkets on different projects for our retail doors. To name a few, we have worked with the likes of ASDA, Lidl and IKEA. You can read more about our projects with these retailers here.

Retail businesses experience very high traffic every day. Employees and suppliers move in and out of the store frequently, so a typical door would not be suitable for this environment. A hygienic retail door is specially designed with high-volume traffic in mind. Some doors can be fitted with kick plates, door stops, and other devices to make them easier to use.

For more information about our retail doors or any of our other products, you can contact us by filling out our enquiry form.

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