Dortek Interdoor celebrate their 1 year anniversary!

Dortek Interdoor celebrate their 1 year anniversary!

The single biggest change that happened for Dortek last year was the addition of the Swedish factory, in Ystad, in October. It was immediately obvious to Dortek to seize the opportunity to acquire an experienced and loyal workforce with ready-to-go manufacturing capacity and capability.

When joining Dortek, Interdoor General Manager – Mats Horgard’s hopes for the company’s future was to grow and become the number one supplier on the Scandinavian market for our GRP doors.

Dortek have added to the works force and invested products and services into Interdoor in the aim to help the company grow, with the latest investment being the new CNC equipment that was installed this month.

Last year, October 10th, Dortek welcomed all the staff of Dortek-Interdoor on board. This year, October 10th, we celebrate our first anniversary… and we even had a cake!

Dortek Interdoor 1 year anniversay
Article by Ystads Allehanda (a local Swedish newspaper for the municipalities of Ystad)
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