Tough Mudder 2018 – Dortek Hull

Tough Mudder 2018 – Dortek Hull

A team from the Dortek Hull office will be completing the Tough Mudder obstacle race on the 28th July, in support of a number of charities.


For those of you who don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, you can follow this link for a quick glimpse of what we will be subjecting ourselves to –

10-12 Miles, 20 obstacles, 500,000 litres of mud, 40 tons of ice, pain, suffering and electric shocks.

The Team is comprised of 8 resolute, hardy and downright Tough Mudders dragged from the Dortek Hull office to be thrust into the glorious light of July’s Yorkshire Tough Mudder.

We have been training hard and will continue to push ourselves to the very limits of human endurance until we cross the finish line as one united team.

Team members are : –

  • Chris Whitfield
  • Carl Fillingham
  • Dan Docherty
  • Dan Foster
  • Dave Sharp
  • Ian Proctor
  • Tim Coulson
  • Alex Yates

Training is one thing but it’d be a real boost to our team if we could raise some money for a good cause in the process.

Image result for just giving

So we’d all really appreciate it if you could visit our team page and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps and it’s all very much appreciated.

Please visit – and pick one of the team to support their cause.

The money donated will go to support a number of charities chosen by the team.

Thanks for reading,

Hull Tough Mudder Team

Chris, Carl, Danny, Dan, Dave, Ian, Tim and Alex

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