Type: Lead Lined Doors

X-Ray Doors

Dortek produce a range of seamless x-ray doors that are ideally suited to hospitals and other sterile environments where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance. Lead line door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.

Our x-ray doors have a smooth and seamless construction which is free from voids or ledges where bacteria can build up. This makes them ideal for healthcare applications where sterility and cleanability are essential.

These specialist lead lined doors can be supplied in a wide variety of styles and specifications to meet resistance to the passage of x-rays in accordance with the National Radiological Protection Board.

Manufactured to have an equal appearance to doors without lead protection. Our x-ray doors are available as hinged or sliding, with or without flush mounted windows.


Dortek produce a seamless, hygienic, lead lined door that is designed for applications requiring x-ray protection.
I have found Dortek staff very technically competent, focused working with me on presenting solutions to problems, and I regularly recommend Dortek to colleagues and peers in our industry. Director of Engineering, Hospital.