Type: Sliding Doors

Hygienic Sliding Doors

Manufactured from GRP our range of hygienic sliding doors have become increasingly popular, both in new buildings and as replacements for existing hinged doors. Hygienic Sliding doors require less valuable space than hinged doors and when operated produce less air disturbance making them ideal for environments where hygiene is a priority.

The pressure moulded smooth seamless construction is easy to clean, does not harbour bacteria and is unaffected by water, steam and most chemicals/cleaning agents. Sliding GRP doors are extremely strong and durable, yet light and easy to operate.

The built-in colour is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance. Unlike timber or steel doors they will not surface peel, warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most arduous conditions. Our hygienic sliding doors can be manual or automatic. Fire resistant sliding doors are available with 30, 60 and 180 minutes certification.

Dortek doors are particularly suited to pharmaceutical facilities , cleanrooms, hospitals and food manifacturing environments.

Sliding doors require much less valuable space and when operated produce far less air disturbance. They are becoming increasingly popular, both in new buildings, and as replacements for existing hinged and double action doors.
Dortek offered great flexibility, excellent suggestions, and superb installation. The Dortek staff and worldwide representatives are courteous, proactive, available, and quite knowledgeable. Project Director, Leading Pharmaceutical Company