Type: Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors

The Butzbach SECTIOLITE combines the opening technology of a sectional door with the product and material related benefits of fibreglass. Offering individual adaptations with many optional accessories, it was conceived to fulfil highest demands in solidity and endurance.

A trouble-free operation is ensured by the absence of wear- or risk-sensitive components like torsion springs or protruding hinges. The result is a long-lasting and cost-effective availability of the door.

Upon opening, the door sections are deflected and guided along the ceiling into the interior of the building. The door is particularly suitable for constructions with low lintel, since the standard version merely requires a lintel height of 300 mm.

The SECTIOLITE door achieves outstanding values regarding air permeability, resistance to wind load and resistance to water penetration. The twin- walled fibreglass panels ensure a good thermal insulation is achieved and a seal around the door prevents unnecessary energy losses and draft in the building.

The door also offers numerous design options including: three colour options, colour coated aluminium profiles and fiberglass incorporating images.

We use fibreglass door fillings in our sectional doors, a material used in shipbuilding and aerospace engineering due to its versatility, durability and sturdiness.
While working on Food projects in Asia, we realised the importance of specifying these high quality doors across production and warehousing areas. Global Architectural Practice
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