Type: Hygienic Doors

Hygienic Doors

Our hygienic doors can be used across a wide variety of areas but are ideally suited to areas where hygiene is a priority. This makes them particularly suited to the pharmaceutical, food and healthcare sectors.

Dortek hygienic doors are manufactured from reinforced polyester and contain no organic material. They have a moulded, smooth, seamless, one piece construction which is easy to clean. Our hygienic doors do not harbour bacteria and are unaffected by moisture and common cleaning chemicals. This makes them particularly suitable in areas that have regular and rigorous cleaning regimes.

Dortek hygienic doors are extremely strong and durable, yet light and easy to operate. The built-in colour of our hygienic doors is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance.

Unlike timber or steel doors, GRP doors are non – shedding. They will not warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most arduous conditions.
 Dortek hygienic doors can be supplied as: Hinged, Double Action, or Single Action, Sliding or Bi-parting and Fire rated up to 4 Hours.

Dortek hygienic doors are designed with safety, style and functionality in mind. Our doors are available in a range of standards and bespoke designs and sizes.