Type: FRP Doors

Fiberglass Doors (FRP doors)

Dortek Fiberglass doors (FRP doors) are immensely versatile and contain no organic material. This makes them ideal for demanding environments where door performance and hygiene are critical.

FRP doors are manufactured using a unique pressure molding technique. This produces a completely smooth, void free finish to the door.  There is no profile or unhygienic lippings around the edge of the door which is often found in alternative versions of post formed or fabricated fibreglass doors.

The door’s seamless construction prevents bacteria from harboring. Cleanliness of many facilities means applications such as FRP doors are subjected to the toughest cleaning regimes. Dortek FRP doors withstand the toughest cleaning regimes including vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), disinfectants and chlorine releasing agents through prolonged exposure.

The door panel is virtually maintenance free and will never require repainting. This makes them naturally friendly to the environment due to their longevity and trouble free lifespan.

Dortek’s FRP fire doors are tested and certified to the US fire test standard UL 10-C. Our doors conform to the latest good manufacturing practise (cGMP) standards for any facility, whether pharmaceutical or nutritional.

Dortek’s FRP doors are built to last, even in the most harsh or corrosive environments. Dortek doors will not swell, rot, rust or warp even after years of usage. The in-organic, closed cell core of Dortek doors means they do not absorb moisture. They remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals.

FRP is an extremely durable, clean, water-resistant material which is used in demanding environments where door performance and hygiene are critical.
I was impressed with the knowledge and flexibility of the Dortek projects team who worked with us to identify the best specification. We made our decisions based on the experienced Dortek team and evaluating their quality doors in place. Director, Leading Bioscience Facility