Type: Automations & Interlocking

Automated Doors / Interlocking Doors

Dortek Automations & Interlocking systems are designed to provide safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing doors in a controlled environment. Our systems can be connected to many types of activation devices from basic push button to a fully integrated Building Management System.

Our products are available to install as part of a door package or separately to existing doors. Designed and assembled by Dortek in our own factory, automations can be installed at the same time as the doors offering a one stop, seamless installation.

Automated doors are particularly suitable for areas with high volumes of traffic, they also reduce contamination by removing the need to touch the door surface. Automated doors sustain less damage and wear from trolleys and other aggressive traffic, increasing the life of the doorset and reducing maintenance costs. In controlled environments, particularly where rooms are operating under air pressure, using automations gives a smooth effortless operation.

Automated doors / Interlocking doors are ideal for use in operating theatres, hospitals, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, food manufacturing and the retail sector.


Automations are particularly suited to areas with high volumes of traffic. Automated doors sustain far less damage and also reduce contamination by eliminating the need to touch the door.
I was impressed with the knowledge and flexibility of the Dortek projects team who worked with us to identify the best specification. We made our decisions based on the experienced Dortek team and evaluating their quality doors in place. Director, Leading Bioscience Facility