Top 10 reasons to specify Dortek GRP for hygiene critical areas

Traditional building materials, like timber, have their place in many areas of construction projects and are an ideal choice for the majority of facility areas. But, for hygienic areas like operating theatres and cleanrooms, Dortek hygienic GRP doors really are the only smart choice. The properties of our hygienic GRP helps solve numerous design challenges, whilst improving long term maintenance costs and hygienic performance.

Here are the top ten reasons to specify Dortek GRP:

  1. Maximum Hygiene – Fully encapsulated construction, with a smooth surface which is free from the natural seams, voids and crevices found in timber doors. This prevents our doors from harbouring mould or bacteria.
  2. Easy to Clean – The non-porous, seamless, smooth surface of Dortek hygienic GRP doors make them extremely easy to clean.
  3. Lifelong Colour – Colours used within our doors go through a process of pigmentation, meaning that there is no fade or discolouration regardless of where the product is used. This means that no spray painting or colour topping up is necessary.
  4. Strong & Durable – Dortek hygienic GRP doors are built to last, even in harsh or high traffic areas; our doors will not dent, warp, swell, rot or rust.
  5. Corrosion and chemical Resistant – Dortek doors have excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvents and other strong chemicals including H2O2 which are frequently used in hospitals and other clean environments.
  6. Low Maintenance – Dortek doors are exceptionally lightweight and impact resistant, with long lasting built in colour.
  7. Economical – lower operation and maintenance costs gives hygienic GRP the lowest life cycle costs over alternatives like timber.
  8. Customisable – Custom-made to meet your needs exactly. Dortek hygienic GRP is capable of resisting fire, water, laser, x-ray or a combination of requirements.
  9. Fire Resistant – Over 50 independent tested specifications compliant with worldwide regulations for comprehensive fire protection.
  10. BIM Ready – All our hygienic GRP doors are available in high quality BIM-ready files for seamless integration.

GRP hygienic doors for infection control2BMI before and after

Above pictures: 1st picture: Damaged wooden doors, some with an exposed core from knocks and chips. These are vulnerable areas where infection causing bacteria can accumulate. 2nd picture: Timber Laminate replaced with Hygienic GRP doors for an operating theatre.

Hygienic and Industrial Door Servicing

Assurance for your Doors

High speed doors, roller shutters, double action doors, fire shutters and automatic doors are often subject to wear and tear and accidental damage. A damaged door can cause great inconvenience to productivity, deliveries and security systems, as well as a loss of time and money.

As a leading hygienic and industrial door supplier, Dortek can carry out servicing and repairs on all types and makes of doors, even non Dortek brands. With over 50 years experience in maintaining doors, all our engineers are professionally trained and certified to CSCS, ADSA and BS7036 standards.

Our range of Dortek doors can also be offered with a professional aftercare and maintenance plan for your peace of mind. We install all our doors to the highest standards and aim to maintain that standard throughout your door’s lifespan.

For more information on our range of repair and service solutions, please contact your local Dortek Service Centre. 


Flexible Repair & Modernisation


We provide high quality repair services for all brands of specialist doors and door accessories. Our expert door technicians can repair your doors with precision and speed in order to minimise any downtime in your facility. Find out more

IMG_4538 (2)Maintenance Plans

Our range of service plans aim to provide you with the level of care you need, whether your main concern is compliance, operational evaluation or maximising performance. We can also offer customisable service plans to meet all requirements and budgets. Find out more

Spare Parts

dortek-badgeDortek offer a full range of spare parts for most specialist doors, whether it’s a Dortek door or an alternative brand. We also offer discounts to customers who have service plans with us. Find out more

Product Showcase – Dortek Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors

Dortek hermetic sealing sliding doors are specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. The door has a unique patented track system which enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce cross contamination and expensive air handling costs. Air leakage has been tested independently and results up to 400 Pa pressure are available.

036_17.09.15_Virtus_HEFT_Heartlands Hybrid Theatre

Hygienic Flush Finish

The door blade is a strong rigid 60mm thick panel finished with hard plastic laminate and flush anodised aluminium profiles giving a flat smooth, easy clean surface.

Hermetic Sealing

The doors patented track system, which works in combination with the door’s weight, works with a continuous neoprene gasket to create a perfect seal against the doorframe. This seal has been independently tested and found to be more than 99% effective, leaking less than 0.2m³/hr of clean air with a typical pressure differential of 20 Pa.

Smooth Sliding Action

The doors smooth, controlled, sliding action helps to reduce air disturbance and the consequent movement of airborne micro-organisms. The door cuts through the air causing minimal disturbance, whereas traditional hinged doors can disrupt the airflow within the clean area each time they are opened.

Intelligent Automation

The intelligent automation senses if an obstruction is present and prevents the door from closing thus eliminating the need for a dirty safety strip. Additional safety is provided by means of a photo cell fitted across the door opening. Our range of automations can be integrated with a range of access control systems including touchless sensors for effortless, hands free operation.

Patented Track System

The unique patented track system is angled at 45 degrees and special indentations allow the bearings to roll down enabling the door using its own weight to seal perfectly against the frame and floor.

Floor Sealing System

A tough neoprene gasket seals perfectly against a level floor without the need for a raised threshold. Guiding and sealing cams are fitted outside the clear opening eliminating the requirements for a floor track, allowing free unrestricted access for wheeled traffic.

X-Ray & Fire Protection

Doors can be supplied with up to 60 minutes fire ratings, sound insulation and lead lining.

Have a look at our product brochure or contact us for more information.

hermetically sealing sliding doors

Revolutionising brain surgery for children at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Dortek have been specified to supply our innovative access solutions to a new intra-operative Khoo Teck Puat IMRI Suite at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The new suite is set to transform the way brain surgery is performed at the hospital.   

Currently, surgeons rely on images of the brain taken before surgery to guide them through the operation, but structures in the brain can move during surgery, meaning pre-operative scans can quickly lose their accuracy. In addition, tumours are sometimes located under arteries or nerves, making them undetectable to the naked eye.  

Surgeons know that removing as much of a tumour or affected area as possible is crucial – the more they remove, the more likely a child is to be successfully treated – but they must also be extremely careful not to damage healthy tissue during the process. Unfortunately, the current facilities at GOSH mean that children must wait several days after an operation for a scan of their brain. During this time, patients and families face a difficult and anxious wait until surgeons are able to confirm if all the affected area has been successfully removed.

The new Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI) Suite will enable surgeons to scan a child during an operation to confirm whether or not complex procedures have worked. It will also help surgeons to avoid other vital areas and structures in the brain when performing operations. This real-time imaging means surgeons can make informed decisions to ensure the best outcomes for children.


The new iMRI Suite 

The Khoo Teck Puat iMRI Suite will make imaging the brain during operations a seamless procedure, giving more critically ill children the best chance of a positive result. The facility will include: 

  • A new integrated operating theatre – This new theatre will embrace the latest in theatre technology, including brain mapping and navigation software to guide a surgeon throughout the procedure. It will also include a built-in shuttle system to safely transport patients seamlessly from the theatre to the MRI scanner without the child leaving the operating table. 
  • 3T MRI scanner – A state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner will offer outstanding clarity and high-definition images of the brain, giving surgeons the optimum information for their decision-making. 
  • Two anaesthetic rooms – One anaesthetic room will have direct access to the theatre and the other will connect to the MRI scanning room. Crucially, each room will provide a friendly and calm environment that will allow parents to stay with their child before their surgery until they are asleep. 
  • Control room – A dedicated area will allow radiographers, radiologists and surgeons to interpret real-time imaging during an operation and agree how best to proceed with the patient’s surgery. 
  • Scanning room – The scanning room will be a purpose-designed, child-friendly environment that will create as welcoming a space as possible for our young patients.

About GOSH 

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare. Together with their research partner, the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, they form the UK’s only academic Biomedical Research Centre specialising in paediatrics. The hospital is home to the country’s leading neurology and neurosurgery teams. It sees more children with brain tumours and carries out more surgery for patients with epilepsy than any other UK hospital. 

Dortek Hospital Doors 

Dortek’s access solutions are specified around the world by leading hospitals and medical research organisations. Our doors are specifically constructed for high hygiene areas and are completely free from timber or other organic materials which can harbour bacteria. Dortek doors play an essential role in preventing cross contamination as well as providing certified fire and x-ray protection and ensuring safe and efficient access for patients and staff.

Dortek adds Retail Doors to its BIM objects

Dortek has extended its BIM objects to include our range of retail doors.

Dortek is the leading supplier of high quality crash doors for the retail industry. Our strong, hard-wearing doors are built to last and have a trouble free life span. Designed & constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene & safety standards.

Dortek are continuously extending our range of BIM objects with a total of 21 different product categories now available for download from the website. The Dortek product range includes retail doors, hinged hygienic doors, sliding hygienic doors, hygienic fire rated doors, lead lined doors, hermetic doors, transfer hatches and hygienic windows. All our objects are available in user friendly Revit file format and are Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and COBie compatible.

For more information or to request your models on a handy memory stick please email

Download Dortek’s BIM Objects here.

China Stem Cell Clinical Applications Center – Hong Kong Science Park

Dortek have recently supplied ultra hygienic door systems to CRMI’s (China Regenerative Medicine International) China Applications Center in Hong Kong. The center is set to be a world-class GMP centre specializing in stem cell clinical applications and gene therapy, as well as a regional supply centre of cellular products for related research and medical institutions.

The centre in Hong Kong aims to bridge the long unresolved gap between basic research scientists and clinicians by providing various clinical-graded stem cells, including autologous stem cells, allogeneic stem cells, and genetically-modified stem cells. These stem cells are suitable for various clinical applications including immunotherapy, neural regeneration, cardiovascular regeneration, bone and connective tissue regeneration, ocular regeneration, and human organ regeneration.

The state-of-the-art facility complies with the highest standards set forth by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

Dortek supplied 20 single action GRP doors with an hour’s fire rating. Our void free doors are free from cracks and joints making them the most hygienic solution for research facilities. The moulded seamless construction of a Dortek door makes it easy to clean, non absorbent and able to withstand the intensive cleaning regimes used in healthcare research and production facilities.

About CRMI

China Regenerative Medicine International is a tissue engineering company. With only 5,000 corneas donated each year for transplants, millions of Chinese citizens who need a cornea transplant to regain their eyesight have been forced to wait–or give up hope. But since 2000, CRMI has been working on an artificial cornea that could be used instead of donated ones. It landed on an unprecedented idea–to use pigs’ corneas, rather than constructing wholly artificial ones–and in 2013 clinical trials; they produced stunning results, with more than 90% of patients responding well to the surgery.

In 2015, the China Food and Drug Administration approved the artificial corneas for widespread use, and CRMI began mass production. CRMI also announced a partnership with China Resources Healthcare Group to help the company bring its groundbreaking product to hospitals and providers. The partnership will also provide a platform to promote its other regenerative products, which focus on skin and cartilage.

Silesia Flavours South East Asia Pte Ltd – Letter of Appreciation

Silesia Flavours South East Asia Pte Ltd has opened a new production site in Singapore following a 15 months’ long construction period. To stay competitive and to meet the growing potential of the Asian market, the previous company domicile in Singapore consisting of laboratories and offices has been replaced with a brand new production plant and innovation center employing 65 people by now.


Since our successful completion of Hygienic Doors installed at the Silesia Flavours facility plant in Singapore during 2017, Silesia has endorsed Dortek with a Letter of Appreciation…


“Re: Dortek Hygienic Doors

We would like to express our appreciation to the Singapore team of DORTEK HYGIENIC DOOR SYSTEM for their commendable service and the high quality of the Hygienic door solutions delivered to our new manufacturing facility in Singapore.

We worked with DORTEK from the early stage of door selection all the way to the completion of door installations at our facility. During the entire process, DORTEK have demonstrated robust technical proficiency in their bespoke door solutions and project compliance.

We are delighted with the partnership we have with DORTEK and their ability to deliver a high quality product that meets the requirements for our facility.

Lee Chee Vui (Head of Operations)

Silesia Flavours SEA Pte Ltd”

Dortek are Exhibiting at The London Vet Show

Dortek are exhibiting at this years London Vet Show on the 16-17 November. We’ll be showcasing our range of hygienic operating theatre doors in the new Vet Practice Live exhibit.

This feature will showcase all the latest innovations for the running of a practice and will give vets the opportunity to get hands on with new products and technologies. Delegates will wonder through every aspect of a modern practice, from an operating room to a waiting room to kennels. Don’t just see new products at London Vet Show – touch, test and visualise how they can transform your day-to-day practice.


vet practice live

Now in its ninth year, The London Vet Show, in association with the Royal Veterinary College and the British Veterinary Association, is a two day, conference-led exhibition for veterinary professionals. Offering world-class CPD for a fraction of the cost of typical events, and access to Europe’s largest veterinary exhibition of over 450 leading suppliers.

For more information please click here –

If you’d like more information on our range of access solutions or to arrange a meeting with Dortek at the event, please contact us at

Introducing Our New CleanGrain Doors

Dortek are delighted to announce the launch of our new wood grain effect finish GRP doors.

The new CleanGrain range has the natural appearance of wood but without the organic material found in timber or laminate. The hygienic GRP construction is much easier to clean and maintain than real wood and durable enough to stand the test of cleangrain door

The latest products complement our extensive range of high performance GRP access solutions. All our CleanGrain doors are manufactured using cutting edge technology and a revolutionary closed mould process. This creates a strong, uniform product with no seams or joins on the door surface and no voids, holes or crevices within for bacteria to harbour. Due to this our doors are ideally suited to clean environments like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, cleanrooms and leisure facilities.

Have a look at our product sheet here for further details. You can also contact your local Dortek office or email for further info about these products or any others in the Dortek range.

CleanGrain Features & Benefits:

Ultra Clean Construction – Completely smooth, hygienic seamless design. The gel coat surface is easy to clean and disinfect with a permanent built in colour.

Timber free – Non Organic Core – Free from natural seams, voids and crevices which can harbour bacteria.

Excellent Corrosive Resistance – Will not rot, rust, swell or corrode unlike wood doors. Excellent resistance to moisture, chlorine and chemicals.

Attractive Aesthetic Design – In keeping with the natural warm wood finish which is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare and hospitality environments.

Exceptionally strong, lightweight and impact resistant – Lighter weight, low maintenance solution to real wood. Withstands heavy use without denting, flaking or bending.

Maximum lifespan – Engineered to offer supreme quality and reliability. We can offer up to a 25 year guarantee on our doorblades.*

The importance of fire compartmentation in hospitals

Fire safety precautions in hospitals are vital to protect patients, staff, visitors, equipment and buildings in the event of a blaze. Fire safety is at the forefront of many people’s minds in light of the tragic events at Grenfell Tower.

And, with hospitals occupied by many vulnerable people who would require greater protection and assistance in the event of the fire; many NHS trusts and private hospitals are examining their fire safety policies and how they carry out, in particular, fire risk assessments.

Back in June, the Government ordered more than 17,000 care homes, private hospitals and hospices to carry out checks on the fire safety of their buildings.

As a result, a number of hospital trusts were found to have serious breaches, with some failing basic fire standards, but others warned that a failure to properly compartmentalise areas was putting patients at intolerable risk if a fire broke out.

Fire compartmentation is essential for a number of reasons including:

  1. Preventing the rapid spread of fire; which could trap the occupants of a building.
  2. Reducing the chance of fires growing and creating a danger to occupants, fire and rescue services, and people in the vicinity of the building.
  3. Limiting the damage caused to a building and its contents.

Building regulations

Fire compartmentation is critical and buildings 10 years old or less will have been built in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document B, which requires that the building be sub divided into a number of discreet compartments or cells. Within each cell, the dividing walls are filled with specialist materials that prevent the passage of fire from one cell to another for a given period of time.

Compartmentation aims to contain fires based on the premise that large fires are more dangerous to occupants, fire and rescue services, and people located nearby. It has also been found to limit damage to a building and its contents.

One of the main benefits of compartmentation is that it protects ‘means of escape’ routes from a building. This is particularly important where there is minimal fire separation, other than the means of escape.

Larger buildings, such as hospitals, have greater reliance on fire compartmentation. Most large buildings are divided into ‘compartments’ which can withstand a fire for a specific amount of time, either inside the compartment or externally. This protective barrier gives a chance for occupants to be evacuated and for emergency services to arrive and extinguish the fire, or for the fire to extinguish on its own.

Due to compartmentation, a hospital will employ a ‘horizontal phased evacuation’. Those able to be evacuated from the building without assistance will be evacuated immediately. In a compartment that has a fire, patients who cannot be moved far are moved to an adjacent compartment. This allows patients to be moved only a short distance if necessary, drastically reducing the dangers of being away from essential equipment, such as life support machines, during an emergency.

fire door saftey

Assessing the risks

Fire separation, if installed correctly, does have an enviable success rate. However, it is the weaknesses that must be constantly considered, particularly when building service alterations take place. As a result of this, the importance of fire risk assessments cannot be underestimated and if the assessment is not sufficiently rigorous, it could lead to a potential failing of fire compartmentation, allowing a fire to spread.

Fire doors are one of the most critical elements of fire protection. They are an important part of compartmentation. Despite this, fire doors remain a significant area of neglect and are often the first thing to be downgraded in a specification or mismanaged throughout their service life. Fire doors should be checked on a regular basis and any damage or maintenance issues should be dealt with immediately.


Important fire door checks and considerations:

  1. Check for certification The selection and installation of a fire door which is fire tested and proven compliant by a third party UKAS approved/TUV laboratory is essential. There should be a label or plug on top of the door to show its a certified fire door.
  2. Check the gaps Check that the gaps around the top and sides of the door are consistently less than 4mm when closed. You can use a £1 coin to give a feel for scale, The gap under the door can be slightly larger (up to 8mm is not uncommon), but if does depend on the door – as a rule of thumb, if you can see light under the door, the gap is likely to be too big.
  3. Check the seals Are there any intumescent seals around the door or frame, and are they intact with no sign of damage? These seals are usually vital to the fire door’s performance, expanding if in contact with heat to ensure fire (and in some cases smoke) can’t move through the cracks. If not, report it – the door may not be properly maintained and in the intensity of a fire may not protect you long enough.
  4. Check the hinges Are the hinges firmly fixed (three or more of them), with no missing or broken screws? If you see problems, report it – the door is obviously not properly maintained and in the intensity of a fire may not perform and hold back the fire for long enough.
  5. Check the door closes properly Open the door about halfway, let go and allow it to close by itself. Does it close firmly onto the latch without sticking on the floor or the frame? If not, report it. A fire door only works when it’s closed. A fire door is completely useless if it’s wedged open or can’t close fully.
  6. Installation installation is as important as buying the correct product – fire doors are a carefully engineered fire safety device which must be fitted correctly so make sure you use experienced installers from a reputable company.
  7. Servicing & Maintenance Maintenance should only ever be carried out by a trained individual and damaged parts should only ever by replaced with like-for-like components.

dortek fire doors

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