Environment friendly manufacturing process

We work towards sustainability across our business. We incorporate sustainability into all our products and processes during research and design. We comply with or exceed applicable legal requirements related to the environment. We reduce energy, raw material usage and waste to minimise pollution and environmental damage.

We are committed to continually improving our work methods and processes to reduce our carbon footprint. Dortek has made significant reductions in our emissions and energy consumption.

Dortek GRP doors are considerably lighter and more durable than other substitutes. This reduces the wear and tear on the door systems, ensures excellent operating efficiency, lasting appearance, minimal maintenance and therefore a consistently lower life-cycle cost.

Recycled materials

Dortek doors are designed, manufactured and built with materials that produce a robust door set proven to last up to a minimum of 25 years. Upon reaching the end of their useful life, Dortek doorsets can be safely disassembled into its glazed, stainless steel, aluminium, insulation and GRP elements and these can be recovered from site and entered into the relevant industries recycling programmes.

GRP is commonly recycled into a range of products used in the construction, transport and marine industries. Common uses for reground GRP includes fencing posts, railroad ties, bumpers etc. The glass fibre can also be extracted from GRP to be remoulded into new GRP which has often been found to be lighter and even stronger than virgin materials. This method is used to make boats, bathtubs, shower trays, swimming pools etc.