FRP Fire Doors

World Leading Fire Standards

Our hygienic FRP fire doors meet over 50 independent tested specifications compliant with worldwide regulations. We can achieve a 5 hour fire rating and have attained fire certification across the following locations:

  • US
  • UK
  • Europe
  • SE Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Middle East
  • New Zealand
  • Africa


Through innovation, we have enhanced our reputation as a world leader in FRP fire doors.

Dortek’s active R&D programme, driven and inspired by our customers’ requirements, ensures we are always at the forefront of the most advanced door technologies. We are able to offer an inherently superior product, a product which is more hygienic, more intelligent and capable of providing the ultimate fire protection.

Our focus on product development means we are able to achieve high hygiene and fire rating in one door. Our patented built-in intumescant strip means that our fire doors are ideal for hygienic environments as the intumescant strip is not exposed. Instead the fire door is completely encapsulated with the strip underneath the skin of the door. Unique to Dortek, our patented concealed intumescant strip, built into the door during the manufacturing process maintains a smooth seamless profile ensuring that there are no seams or ledges where dirt and germs can gather. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat of a fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.

Dortek FRP fire doors are designed, tested and certified to meet the most stringent fire certifications. We continuously test our doors to ensure they meet the most recent certification and test standards in each of the countries where our fire doors are installed.

Our door systems have been independently verified by approved fire test centres throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, China, Australia and New Zealand including tested to ANSI/UL10-C, BS, EN, PSB, TUV SUD, CSTB, GB12955 (China).

This video shows Dortek doors successfully undergoing the extremely rigorous American UL 10-c test standard. First of all ensuring no passage of fire, nor allowing any through gaps to open up whilst also providing high levels of insulation, for 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour durations. It must then withstand the pressure of almost a ton of water without permitting any penetration through the door set.