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Proud Supporters of Fire Door Safety Week 2017

Proud Supporters of Fire Door Safety Week 2017

fire door safety week dortek Dortek are proud to support Fire Door Safety Week, which runs from 25th Sep– 1st Oct.

Fire door safety week is designed to raise awareness and highlight the critical role that fire doors play in commercial and public buildings. The awareness week aims to promote the critical role of fire doors, drawing attention to specific issues such as poor installation and maintenance.

Dortek are market leading manufacturers of high performance fire doors. Our doors are designed, tested and certified to meet the most stringent fire certifications.

Sheree Headspith, Dortek’s Marketing Manager said: “Fire doors are one of the most critical elements of fire protection which is why we are proud to support this campaign.  We want to raise awareness about the importance of correctly specifying, installing and maintaining fire doors.”


Here’s our checklist to help you specify the correct fire doors and keep them in tip top condition:

  • Always use a reputable and competent supplier – many people claim to make fire doors, but only a handful have a properly tested product which is proven to work in a fire.
  • Ask whether the product has been fire tested and demand to see the documentation that proves it (e.g. fire certificfire-door-safety-week-thumbnailate or label).
  • Specifying fire doors with intumescent seals is crucial to prevent smoke inhalation in the event of a fire.
  • It’s not just the door itself that matters. The frame and ironmongery is just as important – they all work together. Only buy exact compatible hardware and components from the same reputable supplier.
  • Saving a few pounds on fire doors isn’t worth it. Consider the cost of damage and loss of life if a fire breaks out. Stick to the specification at all times.
  • Correct installation is as important as buying the correct product – fire doors are a carefully engineered fire safety device which must be fitted correctly so make sure you use experienced installers from a reputable company.
  • Fire doors should be checked regularly, and the more they’re used the more frequently they should be checked.

Have a look at our fire door brochure for more information on our range of specialist fire doors.

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