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ICU Doors

Dortek ICU doors / CCU doors have been designed specifically for hospital cardiac care and intensive care units. Dortek glazed ICU doors are designed to maximise hygiene and visibility whilst providing safe and easy access for staff and patients.

Our intensive care doors have a flat door panel with no raised edges. This makes them easy to clean and prevents them from harbouring bacteria. They also have a trackless floor to minimise the spread of infection and provide unobstructed access in and out of patient areas. The glass door panels enable continuous observation of patients without entering the room.

Dortek sliding ICU and CCU doors increase access and require less space than hinged doors. This is crucial for providing both easy patient transfer and the movement of critical medical equipment.

Our Hermetically sealing ICU doors help cut the spread of airborne infection with a unique patented track system. The seal has been tested to be over 99% effective thus helping to reduce air handling costs, the incidence of wound infections and cross contamination.

Doors can be automated to provide hands-free entry and further reduce the risk of infection. Dortek uses an intelligent automation which is key for user safety. Our door automations react to the smallest obstruction and photo sensors stop the door from closing onto passing traffic.

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Dortek's ICU doors are designed to maximise hygiene, cleanability and visibility and are ideal for intensive care units and cardiac care units.
While working on Healthcare projects in Asia, we realised the importance of specifying these high quality doors across sterile high dependency and ICU units. Global Architectural Practice
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